Fireflies is a demo that shows how adaptive our brain is. It was presented at Düsseldorf Science night 2019 to demonstrate to the public how adaptive our brain is to distortion of action feedback. The game consists of 4 levels. The task is to catch as many bugs as possible, placing each in the can below. At level 1 participant gets familiar with interface, at level 2 there is a 15 cm shift of the hand to the side (which often goes unnoticed because it is very easy to adapt to this), at level 3 controller mirrors the hand movement, and at level 4 the camera is rotated 180 degrees (up side down). I created the whole game, including all scripts, UI, flies animations, and the models of fireflies and the catching scoop (in Blender). The hand model and the textures of sky and of the terrain were acquired from free Unity store assets.

Download build for SteamVR Fireflies demo (tested with HTC Vive and Oculus Quest+Link). See source code on github.

Full Body Illusion
is a demo of illusion that is created while a person sees self (through a video or as a model here) from third perspective, i.e. from behind. An experimenter strokes the person on shoulder or back and at the same time person sees that the figure in front is stroked in the same way.
Many studies claim that this modifies the feeling of self such that person starts to attribute to the figure and feel that their self is in-between their physical body and figure. This is commonly checked by asking person to close eyes and not count steps, then moving them a few steps back and asking to return where they were. Doing this before and after the illusion shows that after people walk further, i.e. closer to the figure.
You can control the gender and height of the displayed figure to match them to participant. Moreover, you can set precise or delayed follow of the controller. If controller is delayed, the delay will vary between 0.3 and 3 seconds. The precise follow induces the illusion much stronger.

Download build for SteamVR Full Body Illusion (for HTC Vive).

Super Jump-N-Bump Bros
. is a mobile game demo, based on an old game Jump-n-Bump. I used the sprites and music from there, adapted animations, added physics conditions (e.g. for bunny’s ears depending on jumping up or falling) and other effects.

Download build for Android: SuperJump.apk.zip. See source code on github.



VRLight is a small application for Google Cardboard, demonstrating various visual effects on objects created by different illumination. The app has user interface controlled by gaze (point and wait).

Download build for Android: VRLight.apk.

Screenshot 2018-04-12 12.33.27



I created a demo page for a tool using HTML, JavaScript and three.js library. The tool allows load light measurements and visualize light intensity, direction and diffuseness using variations of shapes’ proportions. See source code on github.