Light visualization tool

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Light visualization tool was created for the perceptually-based visualization of light in a volume, focusing on the visual effects of illumination. First, our visualizations extend the conventional methods from a two-dimensional representation on surfaces to the whole volume of a scene. Second, we extend the conventional methods from showing only light intensity to visualizing three light properties (mean illuminance, primary direction and diffuseness). The tool processes uploaded data, that should contain cubic measurements by a cubic or simple illuminance meter or even a smart-phone-app, and generates a variety of three dimensional visualizations of the light field. Our toolbox allows easy access to sophisticated methods for analyzing the spatial distribution of light and its primary qualities as well as how they vary throughout space.

The tool is described in the paper “A toolbox for volumetric visualization of light properties” by T. Kartashova, H. de Ridder, S.F. te Pas and S.C. Pont in Light Research and Technology Journal (2019). The web page implementation is developed by Tatiana Kartashova. For more information and questions please contact me or follow this link

The web page is now archived, but you can view the page code with all scripts for producing the visualizations.